About the Bloomington Baptist Church

For the past twenty years, the Bloomington Baptist has been
a part of the Bloomington-Normal community.

It is our pleasure to help the community by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
It is our blessing to bring glory and honor to God through teaching, preaching, worship and music.

We Believe...

... in the True God & the Trinity

We believe that there is only one God, the God of the Bible. We believe that God is manifest in Three Separate Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. These Three are One.

... in Jesus Christ, the Son of God

We are a Christ-centered church, making Him the center of all that we do. Our main focus is to proclaim the Gospel, the Good News, of Jesus Christ. This is the forefront of our ministry.

... in the Infallibility of Scripture

We hold that the Old and New Testament were supernaturally inspired by God. The Scriptures are Truth. They are God's Word, without error or reproach and they are the final authority for faith and life.

... in the Independent Church

We believe in a local, independent church. Bloomington Baptist Church is controlled by no outside organization or presbytery.

... In Christian Fellowship

We believe in unity and fellowship. The Bible clearly teaches that the local church is to be a place of Christian love and and harmony. We strive to maintain this atmosphere while standing for the truths of God's Word without compromise.

... In the Baptist Distinctives

we hold to the fundamentals of Biblical Christianity and the Baptist Distinctives. We believe the King James Version of the Bible is God's preserved Word for the English-speaking people.

Pastor Charles Armstrong & Elizabeth

Pastor Charles Armstrong and his wife, Elizabeth, have been a part of the Bloomington Baptist Church since 2013. In 2016, Pastor Armstrong became the Senior Pastor of the church.

He is dedicated to communicating the truths of the Bible in a clear, understandable way. Pastor Armstrong and Elizabeth are graduates of Dayspring Bible College & Seminary.

Elizabeth has a passion for providing God-honoring music for worship and praise. She also leads the Kids Connect program and helps children connect with God.