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Reading & Dyslexia Tutoring

We're changing lives by giving people the tools they need to read and succeed! Reading1on1 helps with the reading, spelling and pronunciation difficulties of the English language. We also have a dedicated program to help those with Dyslexia. Contact us today!

Reading1on1 utilizes dedicated, one-on-one tutoring, the national
Barton Reading & Spelling system, and multiple tutoring sessions throughout the week to teach the rules and fundamentals
of reading and spelling.

This system is proven to work on the national and individual level
and can be specifically tailored for those with Dyslexia.

Consider these Reading 1on1 TESTIMONIALS

Everyone uses their reading skills to pass the SAT or ACT; if a student struggles to read, then they will also struggle with their schooling, testing and placement. Everything hinges upon a student’s ability to read.

Lili enrolled with Reading 1on1. With her Reading 1on1 tutor Lili received individual teaching, coaching and mentoring. Her fundamental life skill of reading improved, words began to make sense and she found new confidence and ability. Lili’s ability with the ACT has improved and she now scores higher on her achievement test.

Reading 1on1: we’ll help you learn how to read and succeed!

Contact us today! Take advantage of the New Student discount and receive two tutoring sessions free!

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All available weekly tutoring availability and session pricing will be discussed prior to any consultation session.
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Common indications of Dyslexia include:

Unable to sound out words
Terrible spelling
Slow, choppy reading
Writes letters backward
Confuses right and left
Difficulty telling time
Difficulty tying shoes
Limited vocabulary
Difficulty learning to rhyme
Mixes up common phrases
Difficulty with homophones
Struggles to write thoughts